Since it’s inception, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been the standard-bearer of the highest level of competition in the sport that eventually came to be known as Mixed Martial Arts. has compiled a list of some of the most impressive accomplishments in UFC history:

Most Wins in the UFC

Most Consecutive Wins in the UFC

Most UFC Bouts

Most UFC Title Wins

Most Consecutive UFC Title Defenses

Most UFC Title Bouts

Most Octagon Time

Only bouts that took place in the UFC octagon are considered.  This includes all the numbered events from UFC 1 through present, Ultimate Ultimate events, Ultimate Fight Nights and TUF Finale events. For title matches, only the modern UFC titles & any interim title matches are considered.  Tournaments and Superfight titles are not included.

The following pages list the fighters with the highest number of official UFC ‘Fight Night’ bonuses – i.e. Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night, and Submission of the Night.

Fights of the Night

Submissions of the Night

Knockouts of the Night

Overall ‘of the Night’ Bonuses